An Online Modern Harmony Course

At the start of 2017 I began putting up an online course in modern harmony on YouTube. This course is an updated version of one I taught at Université de Montreal for many years.


Here is the course plan.


Part I

  • Outgrowths of traditional voice leading: linear harmony
  • Modes and scales, tonality and extended tonality
  • Added notes
  • Piled up third, polyharmony in thirds


Part II

  • Intervals : new approaches; intervallic harmony in 4ths
  • Intervallic harmony in 2nds; cells, series, and other harmonic system


Part III

  • Combining different kinds of harmony in the same piece: simultaneously (stratified), and successively (eclectic, viz. transitions)


All the lessons in part I are now online on YouTube. Here are the first segments of each lesson:






Although I am doing my part for free, these lessons cost about $1000 each to produce. At this point there is not enough money available to go on. If you would like to see the course completed, please consider contributing at:


Thank you,

Alan Belkin